When I first took over the job of magazine editor for the NC Narcotic Enforcement Officer's Association I was apprehensive to say the least. Jessica took me through the process step by step with the patience of a saint. Her continued support and assistance has been invaluable not only to me, but to the NCNEOA. Her professionalism, knowledge and customer service are top of the line.

—Kevin L. Black

NC NARC Magazine Editor
North Carolina Narcotic Enforcement Officer's Association

Jessica Manley found her niche in desktop publishing in the early 90s, working the night shift for a bank and spending the wee hours creating publications for herself and friends at a Kinko's computer station. She spent so much time there they eventually started paying her to train customers how to use the self-serve stations, create documents and manage the custom printing department. Her weighty (at least according to the moving company) collection of self-published books by friends from those early years is a treasured asset. Initially she used Adobe products on a Mac and now uses an IBM compatible laptop in any venue with a solid internet connection and a power supply. She considers herself equally compatible with both operating systems and their owners.

Her knowledge of Adobe & Microsoft products, social networking sites and computers in general is sought after by professional associates and taken advantage of by family members. She interacts successfully with a variety of people in person, by e-mail, and by telephone daily and has established long-term productive relationships with clients across the country doing contract work for her previous employer - Midwest Publishing, Inc.

As a contractor Jessica's ability to make sound, independent decisions when appropriate; use the utmost discretion regarding sensitive company and client information; coordinate resources and responsibilities; and get along well with others is a key to her success.

Jessica is an avid volunteer and was awarded the Wood Duck pin for 250 service hours by the San Antonio Chapter of the Texas Master Naturalists in 2010.

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