Submission Requirements

AMVETS Department of North Carolina has worked with JM Publishing for a number of years. Any challenge we have presented, whether it be the state newspaper, our annual convention book or brochures to promote our fund raising projects, has been completed with quality and professionalism.

—Nancy Shiverdecker

Editor of the North Carolina AMVETS News

Submission Requirements

  1. All editorial and photos (or as much as possible) are to be submitted as one zipped file via the ftp site. Send me a notification e-mail once it is finished uploading. If you are unfamiliar with how to zip or use an ftp site, please contact me and I will assist you.
  2. Mailing lists are to be submitted along with all other content. It should be an .xls or tab-delineated text file (one file). If your list is not submitted by the time we go to print, the list from the previous issue will be used by default.
  3. Permission to reprint copyrighted material should be included with your original submission whenever possible. Here is a review of the copyright guidelines for your files.

Copyright Responsibilities

As the designer for your magazine or newspaper, I receive articles of interest from all types of sources. For your protection and the protection of your organization, it is your responsibility to acquire permission to reprint materials that you wish to appear in your publication.

Some of the documents that may require permission to reprint are:

  • Local newspaper clippings
  • National newspaper clippings
  • Magazine clippings
  • Articles found on the internet
  • Articles sent to you by e-mail

If you don't know the person who created it, you probably need to get permission.

Even with permission, copyright holders may have certain requirements that need to be met at the time of printing. A few that I have run across are:

  • Citing the publication source, date and author at the beginning of the reprint
  • Reprinting the article in full and exactly as it appears in the original document
  • Photos or graphs in the article that require additional permissions

This should all be included in your submission to me (editors: you may pass this on). If your submission does not appear to be an original document (created by someone in the organization) and does not have the information required to reprint it with permission; it will not be used.

Most of the articles can be reprinted for free, but some charge fees dependent on distribution amounts, types of usage (print and/or online) and how long it will appear on your website.

If you would like to reprint an article and do not know how to get permission, please feel free to call me and I will assist you.

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